Speaking of the Fall . . .

. . for years, I’ve considered their 1984 disc The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall (that’s the one with “Pat-Trip Dispenser” on it) to be my fave in their long and tortured canon . . . but, amazingly, I think the new disc, the descriptively titled The Real New Fall LP Formerly ‘Country On The Click’ is a better record. Why amazingly? Because even given their history of personnel turmoil, this disc was created under fractious circumstances: at the time recordings started, no one besides Mark E. Smith had been in the band for more than a couple of years (and remember, the Fall trace their history back to 1977), and by the time the U.S. version of the record was released last month, the bassist had left to tour with P.J. Harvey, and the guitarist and the drummer were fired or quit, depending on whose website you believe. The originally planned album, Country On the Clink, was leaked to the Internet before its release, leading Smith and Co. to take it back into the studio for remakes/remodels before the UK release last fall. Then the American version of the record features another set of remakes and remodels, plus a couple of different songs and a revised track listing. Somehow, though, out of all that chaos, the Fall pulled a great, smart, tight rock and roll record, covering just about every diverse facet of their musical history on one swell disc. It’s a great time to get into the Fall if you haven’t been in the past: pick up The Real New Fall LP and the new 50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong comp (the first good, solid, official career-encompassing record they’ve issued) and you’ll have as great an overview of the past, present and (possible) future of this sprawling, difficult band as you could ever ask for.

New Pic Time

Changed the profile shot to the left of the screen this morning, using one-half of the we-are-evil-twins photo of my sister and I. I’ve been looking for a good photo since I cut my hair back short again. This seems to be the best of the bunch (so far), although hopefully the fact that I actually don’t look angry in the picture won’t be a deterent to the few misery junkies who surf through here. There are still the evil blue eye bars for you. See, here they are . . .

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