Vroom Vroom . . . .

My trusty old ’98 Saturn SL has been great for the past six years, but after Marcia got her BMW last year, I was finding it harder and harder to want to drive the Saturn with its no cruise control, no power steering, no power brakes, no power windows, no CD player, no frills at all ambience. Plus, for the first time since we’ve been together, we didn’t have a car that was capable of being a hauling car . . . . which has been a problem when I’ve needed to move a ladder or a rototiller or other large object from point A to point B. So we fixed that problem today, and got a new car: an ’04 Honda C-RV LX, 5-speed, 4-wheel drive. Very comfy car, plenty of room in front and back for tall people, and good storage space in the back. We pick it up on Tuesday. It’s silver with charcoal grey interior. Pretty spiffy. I just hope it fits in the garage with Marcia’s car, ’cause if it doesn’t, I know whose car is gonna live in the driveway . . .

In addition to car test driving and shopping, I finally finished repairing and painting the giant wall where the mirror used to be. I don’t think anybody’s gonna look at it and want to hire me to paint their house, but I also don’t think anybody’s gonna look at it and “sheesh . . . what happened to that wall?” And that’s good enough for me . . . it looks okay, and it no longer has a giant piece of glass glued to it that could fall down and kill us. Safety first (which also was a factor in the car we got: 5-star collision rating in both head on and side impact scenarios) . . .

We’re gonna watch “City of God” tonight . . . which means I’m out of time for writing today. I’m still ahead of schedule (seven more poems and I hit the halfway mark, with 11 days to do it in), so feel no guilt. I am particularly pleased with yesterday’s poem, if I may say so myself . . . so I wanna bask it that little success for a day before disappointing myself with its follow-up.

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