Swans (Redux) . . .

Okay, just one more post about Swans, champeens of the Secret Bands Project. One thing that I don’t think I clearly elucidated in descibing their music was the fact that, for most of their career, they had two very dramatically different lead singers, at the same time: Jarboe and Michael Gira. Both of them were (or are, rather) fantastic, and I can’t think of any other band that had two front people who sang so differently and gave such different sounds to the music they produced . . . but yet managed to still maintain a coherent, definable sound. The more I listen to them lately, the better I feel about my choice: they were a truly brilliant band, doing things that nobody else has done anywhere as well as they did. I also edited my recommended listening list for them (see post below, tweaking it based on reactions to repeated listening, dropping a couple of songs, adding a song or two for balance). Alright. That’s all. They’re great, buy their records. You’ll be glad you did.

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