The New Machine(s) . . .

. . . arrived last night from Dell. Yes, I bought two: one for my office, one for Katelin’s use (so if she trashes it, it doesn’t wipe me out too). I’ve got my machine up and running, and managed to get most of the important stuff that I needed transfered from the old machine, despite not having a functioning CD burner. Still gotta see if I can convert my Quicken data into MS Money, and still haven’t been able to get logged onto the USNA ’86 website to maintain it, but otherwise, a reasonably smooth installation. First song played on the new computer: “Dickie Davies Eyes” by Half Man Half Biscuit. A classic snarkfest of a song: “And all the people who you romantically like to still believe are alive, are dead. So I’ll wipe my snot on the arm of your chair as you put another Roger Dean poster on the wall.” I’m gonna shoot to have both computers unpacked and functional by weekend’s end. If all goes well, I should probably be able to start the “Under the Radar” competition next week. Fingers crossed.

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