Computing (And the lack thereof . . . )

I’ve been able to achieve some level of offline stability on the crashed and burned home computer, and am tenuously, tremulously trying to rebuild firewall, privacy and virus protections so that I can get it internet acceptable again. I had to reload Windows 98SE, and have lost drivers that I had installed since the last time I installed the OS, and since the online support for 98SE drivers is not what it was once, I’m finally sucked into accepting the forced obsolecence of my machine (only the second one I’ve owned since spring 1993, since I’m generally pretty good at mothering them along, updating and upgrading as needed).

So . . . I purchased a new machine this morning from Dell. It’ll be a little while before it arrives and I’ve got it up and running, so I’m going to try to do poetry writing by hand (amazing how hard that is when you’re used to having word processing software, and instant access to online thesauruses and rhyming dictionaries and references for obscure literary references, etc.), then post them from the office machine.

I can’t, however, devote the time needed to do the “Under the Radar” competition from work, so I’m gonna have to postpone it again until the new machine comes. Sorry to those of you who could give two rips about my poetry and are here for the music stuff. It’ll happen . . . just it’ll be a little while before it does.

Keep checking in, please.

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