So yesterday I noted that April was a good month because it proved that I could do the Poem A Day for a Year project while in the throes of both heavy work load and vacation. May, on the other hand, opened this morning with a more formidable challenge: a major viral/spyware type assault on my home machine that has rendered it unusable at the moment and (I fear) unusable ever again. It’s an older machine (1998 vintage) that I have managed to upgrade and update and customize and modify and love and nourish to keep it meeting all of my needs and wants to date, but I’m thinking that given the amount of time and effort that it’s gonna take me to recover from this nightmare scenario (damn you, instant messenger! damn you people who design tricks designed to lure teenaged users into opening things that then destroy their machines!), it’s probably more efficient to just cut my losses, suck it up and get a new machine. Sigh. I like my machine. It’s set up just the way I like it. Sigh. Anyway . . . if I’m not communicating much in the next little while by either e-mail or via the blog, that’s the reason why. I’ll keep writing as best as I can and catch up when I have a suitable platform for doing so. Did I mention that the word of the day today is “Sigh?”

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