From the road . . .

Apparently the “Worst Bands” survey from a coupla months ago was picked up by some large bulletin board and/or e-mail list and blasted all over the place, since when I checked my site stats yesterday, I’ve had thousands and thousands of hits on it, and dozens and dozens of e-mails about it. The interesting joys of the internet, I guess. Did a phone interview with a journalist from Sioux Falls, South Dakota about it yesterday. Look forward to seeing his article.

We’re on the road ’til Friday, so I don’t know if any of this will cause volume troubles with either the website or my e-mail account, but I’ll be back online Saturday and will sort out anything waiting for me then. If you’re trying to contact me about it, I will be in touch by Saturday night, unless you’re writing to tell me that I suck and [insert band name here] rules, in which case I probably won’t reply. Nothing personal.

Today we are driving to visit the farm where my father spent his summers as a kid. I’ve heard about all my life, but never seen it. His cousin still lives there and invited us over for a visit. Can’t say no to that, can we?

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