How Did I Miss This?

Trey Gunn has left King Crimson and Tony Levin has agreed to go back on active duty with the band. Rehearsals begin in April 2004 for the next era of Crim. I have mixed feelings: I love Levin, of course, but I felt like the current (or last, rather) line-up finally pulled it all together nicely on The Power To Believe, my fave Crimson album in a long time. It was harder and less funky than anything they created during the Levin era . . . I’ll be interested to see whether Levin pulls them back in a more groove based direction after a couple of albums of smash and bash. The one thing that remains constant in Crimson is that each evolution offers something of merit and note, so I’m interested and intrigued to see what comes next.

I suck!

Two years ago, Yahoo had an “Oscar Pick’Em” game, and I finished 9th out of about 350,000 participants, putting me in the 99.99995th percentile of Oscar pickers.

I shoulda rested on that laurel.

But I guess instead the karma wheel spins full circle, since yesterday I finished a distant third in my home. Marcia picked 19 of 24 Oscars, Katelin got 16 . . . and I got 13. Oops!

Glad to see LOTR win everything it was nominated for. Wish it had one more nomination, though, so it could be the all-time Oscar record holder, and not be tied with that big ball of cheese, Titanic. (And Ben Hur, but that’s okay with me). The only award that it won that I think I begrudge it was the Best Original Song: “Into the West” was pretty ehhhh . . . pretty typical of the types of ballads that Oscar tends to like, although there were some pretty interesting other songs nominated this year, especially “Belleville Rendezvous” and (dare I say it) Sting’s “You Will Be My Ain True Love.” Certainly the best thing he’s written since around the time of Synchronicity, I think.

I would have prefered Holly Hunter win Best Supporting Actress than Renee Zellweger. I also would have prefered that either Bill Murray or Johnny Depp win Best Actor . . . not because I don’t like Sean Penn (he was robbed once already, not winning for Dead Man Walking), but because I figger this’ll probably be the last great chance for Depp or Murray to win the award, since they both tend to operate outside of Oscar’s purview, while Penn will probably be nominated another half-dozen times and win a few more, because of the big studio scenery-chewing roles that he will always be given.

I hope I’m wrong, particularly in Depp’s case . . . but I doubt that I am, although my Oscar picks this year prove that I don’t know diddly, so don’t listen to me.

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