Did ’em today . . . and had one of those difficult moments when ideology and pragmatism bump into each other. As a good liberal, I am of course against that classy bugaboo “tax cuts for the rich.” As a member of a family of greater than average means, though (no, we ain’t rich, exactly, but we ain’t hurtin’ either), I was astounded when I finished crunching the numbers to see that I’m gonna get a huge return this year, bigger than I’ve ever gotten before, by a whole lotta money. Enough to buy the new high end computer I’ve wanted, with some change left over. So, uh, tax cuts for the rich are bad, sure . . . but, um, I’m gonna go ahead and spend mine anyway. That stimulates the economy, right?? (And to cut off anyone wanting to liberal guilt me into giving it away, we’ve already given a much larger amount this year to the nonprofits and charities that we support, in addition to making a major financial gift to establish a history scholarship in my dad’s name at the school where he taught. I practice what I preach when it comes to supporting nonprofits . . . so I’m not gonna feel too guilty about buying a computer with my tax return).

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