Crazy Day . . .

. . . at the C+CC today, with tai chi, yoga, an arts opening, conversion of the Chapel into Ash Wednesday configuration, a Mardi Gras party and a midnight mass all stacked up, one right after the other, plus a couple of print deadlines that have to me today. So I may take advantage of being two poems ahead at this point and take the day off from writing, much as I hate to do so. (I’ve gotten addicted, I guess, but it’s a better addiction than most that I’ve had). Plus, on top of all that, this morning I went out on the back patio of the C+CC down a stairwell that we generally don’t use in the winter and hit a hidden patch of black ice. My right foot was planted, my left foot shot out, dropping me into a hockey goalie split . . . ripping my jeans (which aren’t tight, by any stretch of the imagination) right up the middle, and doing odd and painful things to my thigh, hip and lower back. So I’m stiff and sore today, in addition to being busy. Wish I had time to write to make it feel better. Hope the hip loosens up . . . I don’t think I tore anything, but I sure stretched it further and faster than it’s been stretched in a long, long time.

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