Final Best of 2003 Movie List

Had to update my 2003 Year End Movie list based on some things I saw over the past month . . .

Top Ten Movies of 2003 (again, so far) . . .

1. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

2. Big Fish

3. Les Triplettes de Belleville (new entry)

4. American Splendor (new entry)

5. Lost in Translation

6. Finding Nemo

7. The Shape of Things

8. The School of Rock

9. Swimming Pool

10. Whale Rider

Knocked Out: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Spider.

I thought Triplets and Splendor were both great, wildly imaginative and innovative flicks. Pirates and Spider had great performances in them, but the movies as wholes didn’t live up to the gutsy acting by Johnny Depp (Pirates), and Ralph Fiennes and Miranda Richardson (Spider). I saw Thirteen this month, too, and had kinda expected that to be a top ten contender, but it wasn’t: Holly Hunter was as magnificent as she almost always is, but the script . . . it was great considering that it was written by a 14-year old, but that doesn’t make it great on an adult playing field. The film was 10 seconds to long, too . . . had they ended it after the sequence of mother and daughter sleeping, daughter waking suddenly, it would have been a real nice, open-ended grace note. But the tack-on of the daughter screaming on the merry-go-round was just pointless and trite, a real finger-in-the-eye obvious poke. But, as mentioned, worth seeing for Holly Hunter. 2003 Movies still out there that I want/need to see that I think are contenders to also make the list:

1. Bad Santa

2. Intolerable Cruelty

3. The Station Agent

4. Wonderland

5. 21 Grams

Pretty much everything else from last year of critical note I’ve seen and don’t consider top ten material, or I have no interest in seeing, so they’ll have to end up on some other critic’s list instead. Nyahh.

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