Is it just me, or does anybody else think there’s something wrong with the television coverage of the football playoffs this year. Call me a purist, but dagnabbit . . . playoff games are supposed to start at 1 PM and 4 PM. The past two weeks, the Saturday games were 4 PM and 7 PM (plus or minus a half hour), and that’s how they’re running them today, too. The whole point of playoff football is to waste the day sitting on the sofa watching games. When they don’t start until almost sundown, it totally alters the experience: I don’t want to be stuffing chips and dip at 10 PM tonight. I want to be done by 7 PM, the way it’s supposed to be!

I should, I suppose, be pulling for Carolina today, seeing as that’s the part of the country from whence I sprang, but I’m not: the Panthers play in Charlotte, and I don’t much care for Charlotte. Plus, I want to see Donovan McNabb make it to the Superbowl, just to add one more twist of total wrongness to the moronic Rush Limbaugh’s comments about the quarterback earlier this year. I also should, I suppose, be pulling for the Patriots today, seeing as they’re near where I live, but I’m not: I want to see Tony Dungy in the Superbowl, so I’m pulling for the Colts. When Tampa Bay won the Bowl last year, they should have given the trophy to Dungy, since it was the team he built who won it. Witness this year’s follow-on debacle before declaring Jon Gruden a coach for the ages. The Tampa Bay ownership gave up on Dungy one year too soon. He can reward them for their idiocy with a Super Bowl run this year. He’s a class act.

Between Philadelphia and Indianapolis, I’d probably pick Philly, just ’cause we have a few bucks riding on them out in Vegas, from a recent trip there by my sister-in-law. But either way, if it comes down to those two team, I’d be happy, for the reasons noted above. Sure wish my adopted Titans were in there. Noticed that my abandoned Redskins turned on the time machine and brought back Joe Gibbs. I can’t see it playing out for them they way they’re expected it to, but even if it does . . . I’m done with them.

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