Fingers crossed . . .

. . . but it seems that I managed to get the pipes thawed out successfully without anything cracking: got in the wall space between Katelin’s room and the attic/void on the back side of the house with a blowdryer and wet towels, wrapped the pipes in towels, blowdried them until they got steamy, and repeated for all the lines into her bathroom. It appears that the ice block was somewhere before the pipes split for bath/toilet/sink, since when it let go, all three of them came on at once. No leakage that I can see (so far), so I think I dodged the bullet on this one (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc.)

Colder . . .

The house is losing the battle against the elements. We set the thermostat at 64 at night, but when I got up this morning, the house temp was 59: the furnace was running fine, pumping hot air, but it just can’t raise the temperature 80 degrees over the outside. Plus the water pipes to the upstairs bathroom froze . . . fingers crossed that they just thaw slowly and naturally, and don’t split or leak. It’s supposed to get to 11 degrees today and then make it into the mid-20s tomorrow. That’s gonna feel like a spa vacation compared to the last 72 hours. I’d ever be grateful for snow at this point, as long it came with 35 degree temperatures. Brr!

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