Go Team!

Yay Titans! My team! Yay!

Although I gotta say . . . . with that overtime win, Green Bay’s looking more and more like this year’s Team of Destiny. I suppose there’s worse things than having the Packers win the Superbowl (like, say, having the Dolphins or the Cowboys or any other team coached by Bill Parcells win the Superbowl), but I always like seeing dynasties popped, so I’d probably more enjoy something like a Carolina-Tennesee Super Bowl, just for the novelty of it all.

Coming this week:

That article that I posted about earlier this week about the worst bands of 2003 got me to thinking . . . which band is the worst band in the history of rock and roll? Being a stats and numbers and research geek, I’ve developed a system for who qualifies and process for then honing the qualifiers down into a sheer hard ball of ultimate badness. It’ll probably take a week’s worth of posts to type it all out here with explanations and what have you, so watch this space to see the worst of the worst pulled from under their rock and beaten to death with sticks.

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