My hands. My back. My arms.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Stupid tree. Stupid big tree.

I slept terribly last night, I think because my body was seething with lactic acid from overstressed muscles or something, and I kept having weird fever-style dreams all night long, and I’m getting a scratchy sore throat which makes me think there might be something sickness-wise to follow.

In one of the fever dreams, people kept telling me that there was something haunting the upstairs of a house we were visiting. Katelin, who was sleeping upstairs, told me she had seen and heard weird things. I poo-pooed them all, and went out to dinner, then was playing with a RC vehicle in the parking lot for awhile that somehow made things that were put in it disappear, then came back and walked up the stairs of the house, not thinking about what people had told me. I heard something behind me, though, and looked up at the landing, and there was a very, very angry and frightening female spirit there, who changed shape and grew as I watched, and said something about me being blind, and then I realized there was a woman’s body lying next to me on the stairs, and then I yelled “Holy Shit!”

Thing was . . . I didn’t just yell that in the dream, I yelled it in real life, too, waking Marcia up and probably scaring the crap out of her in the process. I guess that’s what extreme physical strain can do to a body. I have a feeling I’ll sleep soundly tonight. At least I hope so. Marcia probably does too.

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