It’s kinda fascinating to see what draws people to a website.

According to my tracking program, month in, month out, the search term that brings more people to my site than any other is: “Sid Vicious.” Apparently, this picture has been indexed in Google (or somewhere) as being an actual picture of Sid Vicious. I’m not sure whether I should be flattered or offended. I wonder if anyone has actually used that picture for something, thinking that it was Sid?

The second most popular search term for bringing people to my website is Frogmore Stew. I guess I’m somewhat pleased by this fact, since it means that the meal that I grew up eating more than any other has become something that people are interested in eating. Or maybe not, maybe they just say “Ewww . . . what’s Frogmore Stew???” Interestingly, this dish (and variants of it) has become fairly common and widespread, but most posher places will change the name to something more appetizing, like “Low Country Seafood Boil” or “Carolina Seafood Stew” or something like that.

For the record: the name has nothing to do with frogs. The stew is named after the village of Frogmore on St. Helena’s Island in South Carolina. Or, actually, I guess I should call it “The Village formerly known as Frogmore” . . . since the same sorts of people who change the name of the stew decided that when they started building luxury beach condos on what had been a relatively poor farmer’s and fishermen’s island, that they’d rather have their mailing address be “St. Helena’s, SC” instead of “Frogmore, SC.”

As far as actual music-related stuff goes (since, ostensibly, that’s what my site is about), the winning search terms, hands down, are related to Mindless Self Indulgence. I’ve got a record review, an interview, couple of concert reviews, I think, on the site, so evidently their audience base is online and interested in searching for stuff.

I also get a fair amount of traffic for people looking for “Eric Smith, murderer” or “Eric Smith, killer” or variants on that theme. It wasn’t me, honest.

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