Salty Bird

It’s interesting to watch trends come and go in holiday turkey cooking practices. Smoking the turkeys was in a few years ago. Then deep fried turkeys were all the rage. This year, I keep reading all sorts of articles about “brining the turkey,” i.e. putting it in a bucket of salt water in the fridge overnight, then cooking it.

The brining contingent makes all sorts of exciting claims: more tender meat, better flavor, moist and delicious, yackety yackety yack. I ain’t buying it though: brining a turkey is popular because it makes a turkey taste saltier, and in America, salt equals flavor. (Don’t believe me? Look at any manufactured food product that advertises “Now! More Flavor!” and I’ll betcha dollars to donuts that the only significant change from the old formula is . . . more salt.)

So brine them turkeys down, chiddlers, but ‘fess up that you’re doing it to sate your lust for sodium.

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