Tull Talk

Okay, one last Jethro Tull related post and then I’ll move on, before too many old proggers start hanging out here, and the young and fresh(er) people start drifting away.

Having completed by vinyl-to-CD transfer, I figured it was time to make a couple of mix discs (for private use only, of course) with my own personal faves, not having to be dependent on the whims of those who compile such things for record companies.

Goal was to hit all of the main studio records, with a couple of exceptions:

1. Nothing from Thick As A Brick or A Passion Play, because the CD versions I have are indexed as one song, and I don’t think it’s worth buying M.U. or Repeat just to get the edits. Plus, jeez, those just have to played in their entirety, and don’t really lend themselves to compilation making anyway.

2. Nothing from Under Wraps, Crest of A Knave or Rock Island . . . because I really don’t care for those three records very much, and putting something on from each of them just for completeness’ sake, knocking off a gem from earlier or later discs seemed counter-productive.

So it boiled down to a two volume set list:

Volume One:

1. “A Song for Jeffrey”

2. “Love Story”

3. “A Christmas Song”

4. “Fat Man”

5. “Sweet Dream”

6. “Inside”

7. “Play in Time”

8. “Witches Promise”

9. “Aqualung”

10. “Cross Eyed Mary”

11. “Mother Goose”

12. “Lick Your Fingers Clean”

13. “Life Is A Long Song”

14. “Up the ‘pool”

15. “Only Solitaire”

16. “Look at the Animals”

17. “Sea Lion”

18. “Minstrel in the Gallery”

19. “Summerday Sands”

20. “A Small Cigar”

Volume Two:

1. “Crazed Institution”

2. “Big Dipper”

3. “Songs from the Wood”

4. “Jack in the Green”

5. “Hunting Girl”

6. “And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps”

7. “North Sea Oil”

8. “Dun Ringill”

9. “Something’s On the Move”

10. “Protect and Survive”

11. “Batteries Not Included”

12. “4.W.D. (Low Ratio)”

13. “Flying Colours”

14. “Watching Me Watching You”

15. “Like A Tall Thin Girl”

16. “This Is Not Love”

17. “Rare and Precious Chain”

18. “Spiral”

19. “Hot Mango Flush”

20. “Birthday Card at Christmas”

21. “Fires At Midnight”

Creative dissent or concurence welcomed (see “contact” button to the left). But if you write to me and tell me that I suck because I didn’t include “Budapest,” then I’m not writing back.

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