Picked up USA Today this morning and saw that their lead, over-the-fold story was that Notre Dame was considering joining the Atlantic Coast Conference as a full member. (See my prior screeds in the archives about ACC sports, if you’re wondering why this makes me say “Aughhh!!!”).

Please let it not be so. Please let it not come to pass. Expanding the ACC into the Midwest will turn it into just another big sports conference, although its fairly unique regional appeal has already been wiped out by the addition of Boston College.

Besides, it makes far more sense for Notre Dame to play hoops in the Big East now, since all of the power-house Midwest/Northeast Catholic colleges and universities are there with the latest rounds of pilferings from Conference USA.

Notre Dame . . . Marquette . . . Providence . . . St. John’s . . . . now that’s a conference that makes sense.

Wake Forest . . . Duke . . . . Carolina . . . State . . . . Notre Dame . . . . that makes no sense at all. Except, I guess, in an almighty dollar sense, which usually ends up carrying the day when all’s said and done.

Unrelated musical note:

I’ve always considered Too Old to Rock n’ Roll, Too Young to Die to be the weakest album of the classic Jethro Tull canon, but I just got the remastered version and am actually really enjoying it. I think the problem is that the whole concept of the album is naff, and the title track is turgid, and that poisons the taste of the whole package to some extent. But the rest of the songs are really quite enjoyable for the most part, far more than I remembered them being.

Another unrelated musical note:

After venting about Limp Bizkit’s travesty take on the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” a coupla days ago, I introduced my daughter to the original, and even at 12 years old she can appreciate the monstrous difference in quality between the two versions. She told me, though, that Halle Berry stars in the video for the hideous new version. Blech. I’m disgusted that a video even exits, much less that it’s got an Oscar winner it, which will ensure it gets lots of airplay, which will ensure that a generation of kids will hear Roger Daltry singing “No one knows what it’s like . . . ” and will say “Dude . . . this guy is so ripping off Limp Bizkit!”

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