Oh. My. God.

I turned on the radio this afternoon and heard the worst cover song ever recorded, even worse than Lenny Kravitz’s soulless, pointless dismantling of “American Woman,” even worse than Orgy’s desecration of “Blue Monday,” even worse than Madonna’s tediously talentless “American Pie,” even worse than Patti Smith’s “Gloria” (my previous most hated cover song of all time, since I hate the original song and the cover version).

The song in questions? Limp Bizkit’s truly misguided take on the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes.” Unbelievably, mind-meltingly, heart-breakingly wrongminded and badly executed, with Fred Durst standing as the least qualified person in the world to ape Roger Daltry’s monumental original vocal performance.

Pete Townsend’s thougtful, sensitive lyrics should never have been spoken in private by Fred Durst, much less recorded, much less picked up by radio and played. Any disc jockeys who spin this disc in public should be boycotted and shunned as complete company whores: if they don’t know better than to buck the corporation on this horror of mercantilism run amuck, then they’ve truly sold their souls and have no business being involved in any creative musical endeavor, ever again.

As I said at the beginning . . . . Oh. My. God.

Really. I mean it. Boycott stations that play this song. Right now. Really.

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