Fall Back

It was “fall back” weekend a coupla days ago, seguing us into my least favorite time of the year: the point between “fall back” and the winter solstice, when the days are getting shorter and it’s dark as soon as (or before) you get home from work. After December 21, even though the winter has lots of horrors yet to heap upon us, at least you know that you’re picking up an extra few minutes of sunlight each day. Of course, this has far less bearing on me here than it did when I worked at a government facility in Schenectady in what was essentially an underground office: during the day, if we wanted to see the sun, we had to walk out of our office into a main hallway and look up through the skylights. That was definitely the land of potted mushrooms stewing away in darkness, getting paler and fatter as the days got shorter and colder. Personally, I’m all in favor of any movement that puts us on Daylight Savings Time and leaves us there all year.

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