Take three . . .

Or is this take four?

I remain fascinated by the concept of blogs. I have tried three (or four?) times to make one work, but each time have petered out pretty quickly after getting started on it.

Had I kept it up since 2000 when I first started, I coulda been a trendy old school blogger by now. More fool me.

Part of the problem I’ve always had was the time it took to do it, since I was just coding things into HTML and posting them as part of my overall website without any sort of WYSIWYG software assistance.

So now I’m gonna try Blogger and see if that helps me get my stuff up here for longer stretches of time than my usual one-month-and-out rate over the past three (or four) years.

Just in case I fail, I’ve gone back and pulled the better stuff from the prior incarnations of the blog and posted them with semi-fraudult back dates. No, I didn’t post them to Blogger on those dates, but yes, I did write them then, and they were on my website then. So don’t niggle and nit pick, thanks.

Don’t hold your breath about this, but let’s see if I can’t make this thing work this time . . .

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