Translator Poetry

Man, oh, man do I love translator software as a poetic device. Write a piece of simple doggerel sometime, then run it through a translator program a few times–English to Spanish, Spanish to Italian, Italian to French, French to German, German to English–and what comes out is so surreal and so beautiful and so beyond what the human mind could create on its own. Need a sample? Here ya go:

we chew ourselves
we sings: us! us!
we run (ourselves), plays, us
we go ourselves
the backed enjoyment: we! we!
quickly we lubricate the wax of the carousel
the slide, the lube of the Chutney
and he/it leaves us
the slide, they fells, (she/it) (we) (we) (we)
what? free? us?
in order to be everything we can,
he/it can be
or, in order not to be
if I sewed,
if he/it is not or he/it is,
or he/it could harden himself/itself in the phlegm
in the phlegm
(we) in the phlegm
hardened us
much heat
much heat
much moist
much heat
like the shrub
like the blood
like the crate
like the musty smell
like the mac in the phlegm, in the heather
and the mac in the duff
and he/it put me low,
and he/it put me the lie,
and he/it extended me
to sleep or to die

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