Listening to Say It Is So, the latest album by Tim Finn, founder and former front man of Split Enz. And, uh, no it’s not that Finn, the one that you’re thinking of is Neil Finn, Tim’s younger brother, who Tim invited to join Split Enz back in the ’70s, only to then watch his sibling pen his group’s first and only huge international hit (“I Got You”), then head off to form his own multi-platinum outfit, Crowded House. So that’s not Tim Finn. That’s Neil Finn.

Tim was the founder of Split Enz, see, but not that founder, the weird one with the funny voice, that’s the other founder you’re thinking of, Philip Judd, later of the Swingers (whose “Counting the Beat” is one of the best selling songs in Australian and New Zealand pop history) and Schnell Fenster, which also included the boss Split Enz rhythm section of Noel Crombie and Nigel Griggs. So that’s that not Tim Finn. That’s Philip Judd.

So who is Tim Finn, then? He was the founder of Split Enz and played on all of their albums save their last, hardly lamented one, See Ya Round. He joined Neil’s Crowded House for their best record, Woodface. He played with a group called ALT, and one called Finn, with Neil. He’s issued five solo albums, all of them gems, all of them woefully neglected, at least on this continent. His latest, Say It Is So, is his best to date, a beautiful, sweet, confident, perfect pop record, with just a smidgen of twang courtesy the Nashville recording studio where its key tracks were laid down.

So that’s Tim Finn. He’s alright, even if you’re not sure who he is. At least on this continent. (You can check out the Frenz site if you want to more, and methingks you do).

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