Top Ten Albums of 1995

1. Bjork, Post (Elektra)
At last! After cringing through all those inconsistent Sugarcubes’ records and Bjork’s own marginal debut just to hear that voice, we can finally hear everyone’s favorite Icelandic pixie girl atop musical settings that do her justice.

2. The Weasels, Leon’s Mystical Head (Grrr)
They’re weird. They’re wacky. They’re local [in Albany, NY].You’re scared.

3. P.J. Harvey, To Bring You My Love (Island)
I don’t know who or what Polly Harvey loves — but I bet it’s worried sick by this haunting organ-driven voodoo blues record.

4. Francis Dunnery, Tall Blonde Helicopter (Atlantic)
A strong and positive album from an artist who’s justbloody glad to be alive and isn’t ashamed to tell us so. Rah!

5. Killdozer, God Hears Pleas of the Innocent (Touch and Go)
Wisconsin’s most praise-worthy export since individuallywrapped pasteurized process American cheese food product.

6. Six Finger Satellite, Severe Exposure (SubPop)
The best cheap keyboard/herky-jerky guitar workout since Devo’s debut, all driven by one of the quickest drummers currently licensed to bash.

7. Television Personalities, Yes Darling, But Is It Art? (Seed/Fire)
A crucial assembly of all the otherwise impossible-to-find indie singles from naive-genius songsmith Daniel Treacy.

8. Pere Ubu, Ray Gun Suitcase (Tim Kerr)
A new line-up deftly evokes the old aesthetic. This disk isa fabulous appetizer for the upcoming smorgasbord CD re-issue of Ubu’s seminal 1975-1980 work.

9. Dan Zanes, Cool Down Time (Private)
My vote for “Comeback of the Year” features the ex-DelFuego working an R&B groove thing with uniformly infectiousresults.

10. Peter Blegvad, Just Woke Up (East Side Digital)
Blegvad’s eccentric muse given brilliant support by HenryCow alumni Chris Cutler and John Greaves. A rare listenablemoment from these unquestionably gifted, but doggedly obtuse,artists.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Albums of 1995

  1. Mine were… different. (I’m going to guess we’re going to see a pattern here.)

    Album of the Year: Merzbow/John Watermann, Brisbane/Tokyo Interlace
    The best of the rest:
    Clutch, Clutch
    The Gathering, Mandylion
    KMFDM, Nihil
    MacKeel, Plaid
    Natasha’s Ghost, Everything Under the Moon
    Rapoon, The Kirghiz Light
    Swans, Kill the Child: Live 1985-87
    Tricky, Maxinquaye
    V/A, The Japanese/American Noise Treaty


    • I always tried with my Metroland pieces to find a balance between the hopelessly obscure things that you and I actually spend most of our time listening to, and the more commercial things that I had reviewed over the course of the year, in concert or on disc. My post-2003 Best Of Lists get a little weirder accordingly!


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